Houston Matters: Houston Ship Channel Oil Spill, Montrose Fire, BARC, and Zipcar

From the oil spill in the Houston ship Channel, to the fire in Montrose, to BARC’s new authority, to Zipcar’s expansion, it’s been a busy week in Houston news. My fellow panelists and I consider “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” of these events. In this episode of Houston Matters, I’m joined by the Houston Chronicle’s Lisa Falkenberg, ComedySportz Houston’s Dianah Dulany, and host Craig Cohen.





Best Times to Post on Social Media

Have you ever wondered time is best to post on your various social media channels? If so, check out this infographic from CuCo Creative. It identifies the peak times to post on a few of the most popular social networks. In addition, applications such as Buffer will automatically post to Twitter and Facebook at the best times of day.

When to post to social media





Men’s Health & Nutrition Twitter Chat with Puritan’s Pride


Join me on Twitter March 20, 2014 at 9pm CST as I moderate a discussion on men’s health and nutrition with Puritans PrideAdam CohenJuan Alanis, and Jeff Bogle. We’ll discuss healthy eating, health concerns and exercise, and share fun facts too. You can participate by following the hashtag #PuritansPride. We will also give away four Puritans Pride prize packs worth $50 each and one worth $100.



The Social Media Conversation Prism

Each year Brian Solis and Jess3 publish the Conversation Prism to show how social media continues to evolve. Here is the latest version:





Houston Matters: Over-Sized Luggage, HISD Closures and Suburbanizing The Heights

On this episode of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly we discussed topics ranging from the HISD school closing saga to Houston’s stray dog problem, to a crackdown on oversized luggage at the airport, to concerns over the suburbanization of The Heights, as most recently evidenced by the planned opening of an Olive Garden in the historic Houston neighborhood. I was joined by Houston Chronicle’s Kyrie O’Conner, area comedian Ty Mahany, and Houston Matters host, Craig Cohen.

Listen to our conversation and share your thoughts in the comments section:



Segment on Fox 26 Houston – NekNomination: What Parents Need to Know

mochadad myfox26houston


In this segment on Fox 26, Dayna Steele, from Your Daily Success Tip; Monica Guidry, from UT Health, and I shared our thoughts on how parents should address the potentially deadly social media phenomenon, NekNomination with their children.


Houston Matters: Coming Out in the NFL, Summer Fest Lineup, and Laser Strikes

This month on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Houston-based comedian and host of the Ty Curious podcast, Ty Mahany; Charles Kuffner, author of the Off the Kuff political blog; and I discuss the latest topics - Former Hitchcock High School Bulldogs defensive end Michael Sam announced he is gay; the performers at this summer’s Free Press Summer Fest; and the FBI’s cracking down on people aiming laser pointers at airplanes.





Lessons in Perseverance, Dedication, and Forgiveness from a Vietnam Veteran


One day while browsing in a guitar store, I went into the acoustic room to scout the new arrivals. When I entered, I discovered an older gentleman and two younger guys having a jam session. The older gentleman’s finger-picking skills were phenomenal. It sounded as if he were playing with four hands instead of two. I introduced myself and told him how much his playing impressed me.

“Well that just tickles me to death,” he said with a bellowing laugh. “Why don’t you grab one of those guitars and join us?” I told him that I’d rather watch and learn. He offered me a seat and continued jamming.

One of the younger men asked him how he developed his finger-picking skills. The gentleman leaned back and thought for a few minutes before speaking.

“In Vietnam, I was captured and held in a prison camp,” he said. “While in captivity, the guards tortured us daily. One of their methods was scraping our fingertips with sandpaper. You can see that I don’t have any fingerprints.”

He held up his rough hands for us to look at them.

“After I returned to the states,” he continued. “I tried to play guitar with a pick but I kept dropping it because I had no feeling in my fingertips. For gigs, I would put Super Glue on my fingers to hold the pick in place. Of course, doing that caused more damage to my fingers so I stopped. I realized that I had to learn to play finger-style if I wanted to continue landing gigs.”

I looked around the room and noticed that a few more people had wandered in and were spellbound by the story.

“I spent the next several years studying finger-picking from some great musicians in Southeast Texas,” he said. “Eventually, I developed the skill and dexterity to play well enough to start a little country band. Those guys in Vietnam tried to break my spirit, but they couldn’t do it. I owe them a debt of gratitude because I’m a better guitar player now.”

Everyone gave him a round of applause and the gentleman tipped his cowboy hat.

“Thank you for serving our country,” I said as I extended my hand. “Your story really inspired me.” He smiled and wrapped his huge, weathered hand around mine.

“Keep playing,” he said and shook my hand with the rhythmic motion of a guitar strum. “If an old country boy like me can do it, so can you.” After a few seconds, he released my hand, lowered his head and played a delicate melody.

That day, I acquired much more than a new guitar. I learned valuable lessons in perseverance, dedication, and forgiveness that I will cherish forever.


Segment on Fox 26 – How Long Term Unemployment Affects Families

mochadad unemployment

In this segment on Fox26 Houston, John Pacini, co-founder of Dad 2.0 & XY Media, April Maggio of TPI Staffing, and I talked about male unemployment and how it affects families.



Houston Matters: Houston home sales, Modifying HISD’s literacy plans, and reasons not to move to Austin

An all-time high in Houston home sales, modifying HISD’s literacy plans, and reasons not to move to Austin? It’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Houston news. This month, I joined Kyrie O’Connor of the Houston Chronicle and Dianah Dulany of ComedySportz Houston to discuss these topics. Listen to our conversation and share your thoughts in the comments section.